Lymphatic Drainage Massage for Legs

Lymphatic drainage massage of the legs is a very pleasant wellness procedure for your legs! Remember,  a human body is  80 percent fluid, so it is very important that the lymph system works correctly.

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Lymphatic drainage massage is a special technique that helps to:   

1) relieve legs from swelling

2) normalize venous outflow   

3) remove the heaviness in the legs  

4) prevent the appearance of venous asterisks

5) give your feet back "lightness" in your legs 

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Each massage session lasts 25 minutes. Full course consists of 10 - 15 massage sessions.

Price per massage session - 35 $ 

With full prepayment for the course price is discounted to 30 $       

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  • Diseases of the lymph nodes

  • Growing benign tumors

  • Open wounds and cuts