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Shiatsu massage 

Balance Your Chi

Shiatsu massage is considered one of the most famous Japanese methods. The founder of this technique is  Tokujiro Namikoshi. The technique of performing massage is carried out with the help of pressure with the fingers, while activating the energy flows of a person through biological points.

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Shiatsu Massage: Image

Shiatsu massage can help:

1) eliminate energy blocks
2) harmonize the flow of vital energy
3) improve micro-circulation of blood and lymph
4) intensify the work of internal organs
5) get rid of stressful conditions

6) relieve pain in stretching muscles

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Shiatsu Massage: Beliefs

Massage lasts 60 minutes. The price of the procedure is  60$. When pre-buying a course of 10 massage sessions, the price is discounted to  55 $ per session

Shiatsu Massage: Text


  •  fever 

  •  hypertension   

  •  thrombophlebitis

  •  cuts and wounds on the skin

Shiatsu Massage: Beliefs
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