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Men Anti-Aging Facial Massage

Anti-Aging Sculptural   Massage for men  

The desire to look good leads most  men to the gym. But do not forget about the face!


"Fitness Cubes" on the stomach are not visible under an expensive suit - people look at your face when you talk.A well-groomed, presentable appearance is as  important in a career advancement as experience. It’s no secret that due to age and gravitational processes, stress, habits, frowning, raising eyebrows, our face loses its youthful look.

Today there is a healthy alternative to Botox, plastic surgery and injections! It is called a sculptural facial massage! Sculptural facial massage is now gaining great popularity around the world. It has been recently featured in The New York Times. Even members of the royal families practice it!

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Facial Massage with Anti-aging effect
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Sculptural facial massage gives results immediately, preserving the natural facial features and personality, and preserves them for a long time!

This is a 100% safe, fast-acting, long-term method of rejuvenation and an alternative to non-surgical face lift.

The uniqueness of the procedure lies in the fact that the massage therapist acts on the muscles of the face (worked out deeply), and on the points of their fixation, which allows achieving incredible  results!

First 3 massage sessions  are carried out in a gentle mode, always relying on the sensations of the client. After, we can increase the depth and pressure of the session. A visible effect is achieved after the first visit!

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Men's Facial Massage

Features of the Anti-aging massage for men

   Men’s skin has a more dense structure, facial hair and sebaceous secretion is more active. In addition, facial massage for clients with beads must use adjusted techniques.Men's sculptural massage also avoids pressure on thyroid cartilage, also known as “Adam’s Apple”.

    If you have facial hair, massage therapists will apply natural hypoallergenic oil and work  you the face avoiding pulling facial hair of the client. 

    If you do not wear facial hair, we ask our clients to shave smoothly before the massage. At the request of the client, it is possible to carry out massage using antiseptic oils to avoid irritation of the skin.


What problems does sculpted facial massage solve?

  1.  A clear oval of the face is formed, the cheekbones are tightened.

  2.  Wrinkles of different depths are smoothed out.

  3.  Eliminated swelling due to increase in lymphatic circulation.

  4.  Scars  are smoothed out.

  5.  The function of the sebaceous glands is normalized.

  6.  Relieves spasms of the masticatory muscles.

  7.  Evens our folds on the forehead, nose bridge.

  8.  Emotional balance is normalized.

Sculpting Massage for Men
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How often do you need sculpting facial massage?

    Due to the high efficiency of sculptural massage, 5 procedures are enough for the course with an interval of 1 time per week. To keep results we recommend to continue on 1 to 2 time a month (depending on age and lifestyle) to keep initial results. Massage is very pleasant. The results are noticeable after first session! 

​     The cost of the massage is $90, if you have facial hair the cost is $100. When buying a course, price $ 85, with facial hair - $95. 

     We recommend massage for anyone after 30. This rejuvenating facial massage should be included in the every facial care routine.

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