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Immunomodulatory Massage

Immunomodulatory Massage

Improve your Immune defenses naturally!

Immune system is a natural reaction of the body that protects a person from harmful viruses, infections, and bacteria. Strong immune system is a token of good health, good mood and resistance to stress!

Immunomodulatory Massage: Treatments

Natural Essential Oils

Immunomodulatory massage is a safe and effective natural procedure that helps to strengthen immune system with a help of a combination of point pressure techniques and application of essential custom blend oils:

  1. It is is intended for the prevention of frequent common colds           

  2. helps to improve blood circulation

  3. helps improves lymph flow   

  4. helps with overall well-being

Aromatherapy Oil for Immune System
Immunomodulatory Massage: About
Immune Protection San Diego

How is massage done?

The massage session lasts 60 minutes. Depending on the client's wishes, a custom essential oil blend is mixed and used during the session. During the massage, massage therapist covers you with a sheet and works alternately with different parts of the body, leaving other parts of the body covered.


For the persistent effect, immunomomodulatory massage with essential oils is recommended to be taken as a course with equal periodicity. The full course consists of 10-12 massage sessions.


The price of the procedure is  $ 95. When pre-paying the course, the price of the procedure discounted to 90 $.

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Immunomodulatory Massage: Beliefs


  • acute infectious diseases 

  • serious heart problems

  • thrombophlebitis   

  • wounds and cuts on the skin

  • oncology

Immunomodulatory Massage: Beliefs
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