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Anti-Cellulite Massage: Service
Massage Oils at HealthSpa4u

Manual massage technique also has a relaxing effect. Massage therapist controls pressure and does not provoke the appearance of side effects such as bruising! During the massage, individually selected, essential oils are used. The massage session lasts 60 minutes.
During the massage, the massage therapist covers you completely with a cotton sheet and works in turn with different parts of the body, while keeping other parts of the body covered. The result is visible after 1st time. All our customers get the desired result, some are faster, and some are slower.

Anti-Cellulite Massage: Beliefs

Anti-cellulite Massage with Essential Oils

It is procedure No. 2 in the comprehensive SlimBody program. It is performed only after a completed course of lymphatic drainage massage. It is recommended to perform anti-cellulite massage on previously prepared lymphatic tissue.

During the massage, a special technique is used, which helps you to:

1. Remove cellulite

2. Improve the appearance and tone of your skin 

3. Reduce the overall volume

4. Improve skin elasticity

5. Helps to acquire the body shape of your dreams!   

BodySlim Program at HealthSpa4u

Prerequisite to massage:

  • have  a healthy diet

  • exercise regularly

  • sufficient sleep

Healthy Diet is Essential!
Anti-Cellulite Massage: Beliefs

The recommended course consists of 10 -15 massage sessions, depending on the client. The price of the massage session:
- full body - 1 hour - 110 $  
- thighs - 40 minutes - 95 $

With full pre-payment for the whole anti-cellulite program: 

- full body course the cost is discounted to  105 $ per session.
- thighs course the cost is discounted to  90 $ per session.

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Anti-Cellulite Massage: Beliefs

What is cellulite?

Anti-Cellulite Massage: Testimonials

Cellulite is a condition in which the skin becomes uneven, like a skin of an orange due to unequal accumulations and distribution of fat cells.

Skin Tone

Sometimes cellulite is also called "orange skin" because cellulite gives the skin a unique look, like the patchy surface of the cellulite. This is a problem that can affect anyone, including men, and women.

Skin Tone before and after massage
Anti-Cellulite Massage: Image
Contradictions to massage


  • pregnancy  and breastfeedig

  • hypertension     

  • wounds and cuts on the skin     

Anti-Cellulite Massage: Beliefs
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