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Sports Massage

Sports massage is suitable for all people who lead an active lifestyle - playing sports. Combining sports loads in the gym with massage, you will perfectly enter the training mode.

Sports Massage: Treatments

Massage can help:

1) relax tense muscles
2) relieve pain
3) improve physical abilities
4) increase physical performance
5) improve skin respiration
6) to achieve the speedy achievement of fitness and its retention

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Sports Massage: Beliefs

Sports massage is an ideal way to restore physical and moral balance. Massage lasts 60 min. The price of the massage is $ 100. With advance payment of 10 procedures, the price of the massage session is $ 95.

Sports Massage: Beliefs


  •  fever 

  •  hypertension   

  •  thrombophlebitis

  •  cuts and wounds on the skin

Sports Massage: Beliefs
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