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Facial Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Facial massage is a reliable way to stop aging. If you do this regularly, you can slow down skin aging by 10-15 years. When the flow of lymph through the lymphatic vessels slows down, excess fluid and toxins accumulate in the tissues. As a result, there are swelling, puffiness of the face, dark circles and bags under the eyes. It instantly adds age.

      Lymphatic drainage massage of the face is aimed at activating the outflow of lymph along the lymphatic vessels towards the nearest lymph nodes. The massage is very effective. 
Because of the high effectiveness of lymphatic drainage facial massage, it is often prescribed for patients who have undergone plastic surgery. It speeds up the rehabilitation process up to 2 times.

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Facial Lymphatic Massage after operation
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Facial lymphatic drainage massage helps with:

  1. Preparation for surgery for plastic surgery of the face and eyelids - it improves trophism (nutrition) of tissues, and this provides the best conditions for carrying out and shortens the recovery period.

  2. Recovery in the postoperative period (only in the direction of a doctor, the number of massages is determined by the doctor.

  3.  Swelling on the face, puffiness of the face.

  4.  Dark circles and bags under the eyes.

  5.  Fine wrinkles.

  6.  Loss of skin elasticity, "tired skin".

  7.  Unhealthy complexion.

  8.  Frequent and traumatic cosmetic procedures.

  9. Increased dryness, or vice versa, increased fat content of the skin.

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MLD Maggase at HealthSpa4u
Best MLD massage near me

The massage is very pleasant. It is completely safe and 100% effective. Upon completion of the course, the face acquires a fresh and rested look.

MLD Massage at HealthSpa4u
Client after MLD massage
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Best MLD Massage near me
Effects of 1 MLD massage for face

The massage lasts 40 minutes. The price of the massage is $ 85. If you pay in advance for a course of 10 sessions, the price of a massage is $ 80.     
A course of 10 massages is recommended (2-3 times a week), there should be 2 - 3 such courses a year.

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