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Deep Tissue Massage in San Diego

Experience the Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Effective Fascia Release

Deep massage is a type of massage technique that is aimed at stimulating the deep layers of muscles and fascia that are located further from the surface of the skin. Deep massage is a painless, mild effect aimed at relieving chronic muscle tension caused by lifestyle and stress.

Deep Tissue Massage: Treatments

Revitalize Your Body with Effective Fascia Release

In the course of a deep massage, tense areas of the body are treated, where the most frequent pains occur. Deep massage will help to: 

  1. relieve muscle tension     

  2. improve posture

  3. relieve muscle cramps     

  4. reduce muscle pain 

  5. improve sleep quality

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Deep Tissue Massage New Me
Deep Tissue Massage: Beliefs

As a rule, the desired effect is achieved after 7-10 sessions. However, depending on the client quantity and frequency are determined by the massage therapist individually.

The massage lasts 60 minutes, session price is 130 $, with the pre-paid course of  7 massages, the price of the massage session discounted to 110 $

Deep Tissue Massage: Beliefs


  • fragility of blood vessels      

  • oncology          

  • dermatitis        

  • cuts on the skin

Deep Tissue Massage: Beliefs

Good Posture

Very often, problems with the spine appear from childhood. The number of stooped people increases every year. Long work at the computer, wearing uncomfortable shoes, low physical activity - only contribute to this. The seemingly innocuous stoop can subsequently transform into serious changes in the spine. Deep Tissue massage may help  to improve your posture!

Deep Tissue Massage: Image
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