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Toning or Invigorating Massage

Toning massage is aimed to help improve  blood circulation and metabolism. It generally helps to increase energy and  overall  well-being.This type of massage is often recommended to people with low blood pressure. It is best when performed in the first half of the day.

Geriatric Massage
Toning or Invigorating Massage: About

Toning massage helps:

1) improve blood circulation   
2) improve metabolism   
3) increase energy and vitality      
4) improve mood and energy   
5) improving well-being

Body Health Spa
Toning or Invigorating Massage: Beliefs
Toning or Invigorating Massage: Beliefs

Massage lasts 30 minutes. During the massage, the massage therapist covers you completely with a cotton sheet and works alternately with different parts of the body, while keeping covered with other areas of the body.

The price of the toning massage session -  95 $.
With pre-payment for the full course of 10 sessions, the price is discounted to 90 $

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Geriatric Rehabilitation Massage


  •  hypertension        

  •  serious heart problems        

  •  blood disease         

  •  diseases of the lymphatic system

  •  thrombophlebitis         

  •  wounds and cuts on the skin

Toning or Invigorating Massage: Beliefs
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