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Health Circulatory Massage

Natural Healing Methods

According to statistics, now every second person suffers from one or another disturbance in the functioning of the venous system.

Health Circulatory Massage: Services
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Circulatory massage :

  1. relieves pain and "fatigue" in the body

  2. helps to eliminate overall swelling     

  3. lets you feel "lightness" in the body and legs

  4. improves well-being

Circulatory massage is not only extremely effective, but also very pleasant. With frequent massage, the surface vessels become less noticeable, lightness appears in the legs. Our clients usually start the course with two massage sessions per week, and reduce frequency to once a week. 
Massage lasts 60 minutes. Massage therapist uses a special nutraceutical blend oil. The price of the procedure is 90 $. With an advance payment of 10 massage session, the price of the session discounted to 85 $.

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Health Circulatory Massage: Text


  •  fever 

  •  hypertension   

  •  thrombophlebitis

  •  cuts and wounds on the skin

Health Circulatory Massage: Beliefs
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