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Body Massage

Lymphatic massage is No.1 procedure for reducing body volume !

Any weight loss program should always begin with it. Why is this so? Lymphatic drainage massage is unique massage technique. Lymphatic drainage massage is painless, safe and enjoyable. After it, you will feel as lightness in the body. 

Massage session lasts 60 minutes. During the massage, the massage therapist covers you completely with a sheet and works alternately with different parts of the body, while keeping other parts of the body covered.

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Lymphatic Massage features

Depending on the client, the recommended number of massage session is determined by a massage therapist. Lymphatic drainage massage is also a wellness procedure. All our customers get the desired result, some are faster, some are slower.

The result is visible after first time.

A prerequisite for a lasting effect is:


1) proper nutrition   

2) moderate exercise 

3) sufficient sleep


The course of lymphatic drainage massage consists of 10 - 15 sessions.

The price of the massage session is  90 $. With the full prepayment for the course, the price discounted to 85 $.

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Why start with lymphatic drainage massage ?

Few people think about that  human body is 80 percent liquid. Lymphatic system, which is responsible for the correct processes of fluid exchange in our body, and if does not work correctly,  health problems start to occur. What may lead to this?


1) sedentary work

2) metabolic disorders 

3) hormonal adjustment

4) stress

5) age-related changes

Lymphatic System of the body
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Therefore, you can torture yourself with endless training in the gym, but the body volume does not go away, or gives in very little. An integrated approach is needed here! You just need to help your body!


Lymphatic drainage massage can help:

1) to stabilize lymphatic system  

2) improve lymphatic drainage

3) improves metabolism   

4) reduces body volume   

5) the silhouette becomes thinner

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 Wellness procedure also:

  • improves immunity     

  • acts as an anti-stress       

  • improves  quality of sleep

  • improves blood circulation

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Contradictions to the massage

Contraindications to Lymphatic Massage

  • Diseases of the lymph nodes.

  • Growing benign tumors

  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system

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