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Office Worker Clinical Upper Body Massage

Clinical/Upper Body Massage

Trigger point therapy

The spine is the main support of the body. It supports the internal organs in their places and in the right position. Every vertebra in our body is responsible for a particular organ. Massage can help to nerve block from the damaged area and thereby restores blood flow and improves the nutrition of tissues and internal organs.
Clinical massage involves the impact on the muscles of the shoulders, scapular zone, rectus and oblique muscles of the back.

Clinical/Upper Body Massage: Treatments

Targeted Acupressure

Clinical massage can help to eliminate pain in the nerve endings connected to upper body organs
Lumbar massage can help alleviate the pain in the joint responsible for the the bladder and intestines

Upper Body Clinical Massage in San Diego
Clinical/Upper Body Massage: Beliefs

As a rule, clients note that they feel better after the first procedure. But, we also offer the course that includes 3 - 5 massage sessions. To consolidate the effect, it is enough to come in a couple of months. The massage lasts 30 minutes.
The price of the massage session is
95 $, if you are pre-paying for the course, the price of the massage session is  90 $.

Shoulder, Neck and Upper Body Massage
Clinical/Upper Body Massage: Beliefs


  1. skin diseases     

  2. thrombophlebitis     

  3. oncology

  4. fever

  5. cuts and wounds

Clinical/Upper Body Massage: Beliefs
Clinical/Upper Body Massage: Beliefs
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