Sculptural facial massage

The peculiarity of the sculptural facial massage is already clear from its name - the massage therapist, like a sculptor, models the oval of the face.
Sculptural facial massage is a unique, high-speed facial rejuvenation and fitness technique that models, shapes and tightens facial contours in a natural way!

The procedure has earned many admirers and fans around the world, because it is shown to both women and men. It is also known as non-surgical face lift!
In order to preserve the beauty granted to us by nature, it is necessary to think about it in advance and take specific actions.
Due to age-related changes, gravitational processes, bad habits (frowning, raising eyebrows, etc.), our face loses its former attractiveness, facial wrinkles appear, wrinkles, a second chin, etc.
Therefore, with age, when looking in the mirror, many have an irresistible desire improve its contours, smooth out age wrinkles and facial nasolabial folds, and reduce the "second" visible chin.

Currently no other facial treatments can compete with sculpted facial massage!


Sculptural facial massage features

This is a 100% safe, fast-acting, long-term method of non-surgical facelift, which, through a deep impact on the facial muscles of the face, is capable of:

1) "erase" the signs of facial aging
2) to form the right muscle corset of the face
3) tighten the oval of the face
4) reduce pronounced nasolabial and superciliary folds
5) smooth deep facial wrinkles and reduce the "crow's" feet around the eyes
6) increase skin firmness and elasticity
7) return a radiant complexion
8) raise eyebrows and tighten overhanging eyelids
9) allows you to delay the intervention of plastic surgeons
10) allows you to save your personality, unique facial expressions

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What happens during sculptural face massage?

Each skin layer, muscle, fat layer, is wrapped in a fascial membrane. If, by virtue of a habit, for example, frowning, or raising eyebrows, your muscles were in tension from year to year, they can no longer assume the correct position, relax and function correctly.

Sculptural facial massage allows you to work out the deep muscles of the face, restores

their function, and accustoms the muscular frame of the face to the correct location.

Each muscle of the face is being worked out.
First 1-3 sessions are carried out in a gentle manner, always relying on the client’s

sensations. Further, you can increase the depth and strength of the impact.

A powerful effect is felt after the first visit.

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Sculptural facial massage is so unique that it does not compare to other non-surgical rejuvenation techniques. This massage technique works on deep facial muscles that change due to age- related gravitational processes.

  Today, sculptural facial massage is the latest popular trend in many European Spas!

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How often do you need sculpting facial massage?

 We recommend massage for anyone after 30. This rejuvenating facial massage should be included in the every facial care routine.


Due to the high efficiency of sculptural massage of the face, 5 procedures are enough for the course with an interval of 1 time per week. And then, regularly from 1 to 2 times (depending on age and lifestyle) a month to keep initial results.

Massage is very pleasant. The results are noticeable after first session!


Massage price - $ 85, when buying a course, price $ 80.


During the massage, a tea tree oil diffuser works in the salon.

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